ⓘ Margaret Wilson (disambiguation)


ⓘ Margaret Wilson (disambiguation)

Margaret Wilson is a New Zealand politician.

Margaret Wilson may also refer to:

  • Margaret Wilson novelist 1882–1973, American novelist
  • Margaret Wilson EastEnders, fictional character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Margaret Wilson judge born 1953, justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Margaret Bush Wilson 1919–2009, American activist
  • Margaret Wilson tennis fl.1930s, Australian former tennis player
  • Margaret Oliphant Wilson 1828–1897, birth name of Scottish novelist and historical writer Margaret Oliphant
  • Margaret Wilson Australian writer, Australian television writer
  • Margaret Nales Wilson born 1989, British-Filipino model, actress and beauty queen
  • Margaret Woodrow Wilson 1886–1944, First Lady of the United States, daughter of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson
  • Margaret Wilson Scottish martyr 1667–1685, one of the Solway Martyrs
  • Margaret Dauler Wilson 1939–1998, American philosopher and professor of philosophy
  • Margaret Wilson cricketer born 1946, Australian cricket player

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