ⓘ Quilt (disambiguation)


ⓘ Quilt (disambiguation)

A quilt is a quilted blanket.

Quilt may also refer to:

  • "The Quilt" TV Episode Family Matters TV series 1989
  • Quilt art, a visual fine art
  • Quilting, a sewing technique
  • Duvet, bedding consisting of a bag filled with feathers or other material
  • Quilt software, a system for managing patches

1. Books

  • The Quilt, young adult novel by Gary Paulsen 2004
  • The Quilt, childrens book by Ann Jonas 1984
  • The Quilt Ismat Chughtai story
  • The Quilt, novel by T. Davis Bunn 1993

2. Music

  • Quilt band, a Boston-based psych-folk band
  • The Quilt, a hip-hop album by Gym Class Heroes
  • Quilt album, a 2011 album by American psychedelic indie rock band Quilt

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