ⓘ Manila (disambiguation)

Manila (disambiguation)

ⓘ Manila (disambiguation)

  • Manila, Kentucky
  • Manila, Utah
  • Manila, Missouri
  • Manila, Alabama
  • Manila, West Virginia
  • Manila, California
  • Manila, Arizona
  • Manila, Arkansas

1. Media


  • Metro Manila film, a 2013 film
  • The Claws of Light, a 1975 film also known as Manila
  • Manila 2009 film, a 2009 film


  • Maynila TV series, Filipino television series on GMA Network


  • "Manila" Hotdogs song
  • Manila album, by Paul Kelly
  • Manila Sound, a genre of music


  • A variant of community card poker
  • Manila board game

2. Other

  • Manila ropes
  • Manila hemp refers to the natural fibre from the abaca plant that is used in making
  • Manila folders and envelopes
  • Manila paper
  • Manila Luzon, a drag performer best known for being a contestant on RuPauls Drag Race
  • Manila horse, an American Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Manila shawl, a fashion accessory

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