ⓘ On Fire

On Fire

ⓘ On Fire

  • "On Fire", by Luke Bond featuring Roxanne Emery
  • "On Fire", by Franka Batelic
  • "On Fire", by Young Thug from Beautiful Thugger Girls
  • "On Fire", by Sebadoh from Harmacy
  • "On Fire", by Van Halen from Van Halen
  • "On Fire" Blue Zone song, 1987
  • "On Fire" The Roop song, 2020
  • "On Fire" Lloyd Banks song, 2004
  • "On Fire", by Tone Lōc from Lōc-ed After Dark
  • "On Fire", by Spiritualized from Let It Come Down
  • "On Fire" Stefanie Heinzmann song, 2015
  • "On Fire", by Eminem from Recovery
  • "On Fire", by Modjo from Modjo
  • "On Fire" Loïc Nottet song, 2018
  • "On Fire" Lil Wayne song, 2009
  • "On Fire", by Redman from Muddy Waters
  • "On Fire", by Lightning Bolt from Wonderful Rainbow
  • "On Fire", by Switchfoot from The Beautiful Letdown

1. Other media

  • On Fire film, a 1996 Hong Kong film directed by Clarence Fok
  • "On Fire", a 2013 strip of the webcomic Gunshow, origin of the "This is fine" internet meme
  • "On Fire" Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a television episode

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