ⓘ Deca Joins (Taiwanese band)

Deca Joins (Taiwanese band)

ⓘ Deca Joins (Taiwanese band)

Deca Joins is a Taiwanese indie rock band that formed in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. The band currently consists of four members: Zheng Jingru, Yang Shanghua, Xie Junyan, and Chen Huanggu. Their music has been described by critics as "indie," "grunge," and "lo-fi."

The bands original name was FUBAR, but in 2016, they changed their name to Gray Dwarf Star 灰矮星, and in 2017, they changed to their current name of Deca Joins.


1.1. History FUBAR 2013-15

In September 2013, Zheng Jingru and a few other students at the Taipei National University of the Arts formed a rock band named FUBAR. The name "FUBAR" stands for "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair."

In April 2014, FUBAR released their first album, entitled Lu Qiang 盧強. However, the band was put on pause later that year, when the lead singer Zheng Jingru enlisted in Taiwans mandatory military service.


1.2. History Grey Dwarf Star 2016-17

In January 2016, Zheng Jingru was discharged from military service, and the band re-formed under the new name Gray Dwarf Star 灰矮星. In October 2016, the band released their single "Fashank Chen" 乏善可陳.


1.3. History Deca Joins 2017-present

In January 2017, the band changed their name again to the current "Deca Joins," which is a combination of the English words "decadent" and "decaffeination." In April 2017, Deca Joins released the album Bathroom 浴室, which drew wide acclaim in both Taiwan and internationally. The band went on tour to promote the album in Taiwan and Mainland China.

In November 2018, they released the album Go Slow, and went on another tour to promote the album. The popular single from this album, "Wave" 海浪, has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube. In 2019, the music video for the song "Go Slow" was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best Music Video.

In October 2019, the band released the single "When Fog Dissipates" 霧散去的時候. They began their tour "In Between Mountains" to promote the single in Asia, Australia, and the United States, but their tour was cancelled midway through due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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