ⓘ Olga Savary


ⓘ Olga Savary

Savarys mother, Celia Nobre de Almeida, was born in Para, and her father, Bruno, was a Russian engineer. She spent her childhood in Belem, Monte Alegre, Fortaleza, and Rio de Janeiro. Her parents separated in 1942 and Savary went to Rio de Janeiro to live with her uncle. Here, she discovered her love of writing, although her mother preferred for her a musical career. She hid her writings, and they were kept by a friend at the Brazilian Press Association.

Savary studied at the Colegio Moderno in Belem. Afterwards, she returned to Rio de Janeiro and continued her career. She wrote several publications and was a member of PEN International. Notably, she won the Prêmio Jabuti in 1970 for Espelho Provisorio.

Olga Savary died on 15 May 2020 in Teresopolis at the age of 86.


1. Publications

  • Eden Hades 1994
  • Espelho Provisorio 1970
  • Sumidouro 1977
  • Natureza Viva 1982
  • Hai-Kais 1986
  • Retratos 1989
  • Ruda 1994
  • Berço Esplendido 1987
  • Linha dagua 1987
  • Magma 1982
  • Morte de Moema 1996
  • O Olhar Dourado do Abismo 1997
  • Repertorio Selvagem 1998
  • Anima Animalis 1996
  • Altaonda 1979

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