ⓘ Reid Genauer


ⓘ Reid Genauer

Reid Genauer is an American singer, songwriter and musician best known as the singer and guitarist of the bands Strangefolk and Assembly of Dust More recently he has recorded and performed under the moniker Reid Genauer & Folks. He has been active as a composer, recording artist, and live performer since the early 1990s, and is known for his story-like lyrical style of Folk Rock.

Genauer, originally from Chappaqua, New York, started his music career in college at the University of Vermont where he and guitarist Jon Trafton started Strangefolk as an acoustic duo originally named Strange Folk. Genauer and Trafton added bassit Erik Glockler and drummer Luke Smith to the group and changed the name to Strangefolk. The quartet found grassroots success with self produced albums Lore, Weightless in Water Strangefolk. and consistent national touring Strangefolk.

After 10 years of recording and touring Reid Genauer left the Strangefolk in 2001 and formed a second group called Assembly of Dust.The groups first recording, was released as under Reid Genauer”name as a solo album titled "Assembly of Dust," in 2003. Subsequently he assumed the album title as the band’s name, Assembly of Dust and found critical acclaim with, live album The Honest Hour. and Some Assembly Required. The latter of which featured a guest musician on each track including Richie Havens, Bela Fleck, Mike Gordon, Grace Potter, Tony Rice, David Grisman, Al Schnier Keller Williams, Jerry Douglas and John Scofield.

In 2018 Reid Genaur organized a cast of 24 musicians to record his latest studio album Conspire To Smile under the moniker Reid Genauer & Folks. The album primarily consists of cover songs who’s messages point towards love, positivity and community as a source of solidarity. The songs range from Lenny Kravit’s" Let Love Rule” to Woody Guthrie’s classic folk song" This Land Is Your Land”


1. Songwriting and Musical Style

Genauer began writing poems at the age of 10 after reading Shel Silverstein’s" Where the Sidewalk Ends.” He started writing songs at 14. Since then he has gone on to write, record and publish more than100 songs. His songwriting has drawn comparisons to his early influences including Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter of The Grateful Dead. The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, and Paul Simon.


2. Author and Entrepreneur

Genauer has worked at Snapple, Fox Mobile Group, and eMusic. He was recruited by Magisto in 2012.

In May 2016, Genauer was chosen as one of the" 100 Most Influential North American Tech Marketers” by Hot Topics


3. Writer

Genauer has published articles on human interest, marketing and the tech industry. He also writes about the importance of storytelling in human culture.

Genauer was a contributor for the book," Lessons from the Road: Musicians as Business Leaders” Oct 17, 2017, Archer Publications


4. Children’s Book Author

In 2016, Reid wrote and published Jeffery’s Jungle 2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing, a 24-page children’s book for ages 4-10, illustrated by Alan Close. It chronicles the mischief of a young boy and the power of his imagination. The book was inspired by Shel Silversteins" Where the Sidewalk Ends” and is written in the spirit of Dr. Seusss" The Cat In The Hat.”

Genauer has written more than 100 children’s poems and plans to publish a series of books in the future.


5. Discography

Reid Genauer

  • Reid Genauer, Assembly of Dust 2003
  • Reid Genauer & Folks," Extended Release” Live 2020,
  • Reid Genauer & Folks," Conspire To Smile” 2018


  • Live At The Palladium Worcester MA 2018
  • Lore 1995
  • Live EP 2000
  • Live at the Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY 12/27/98 Live 2012
  • Strangefolk 1994
  • A Great Long While 2000
  • Weightless in Water 1998

Assembly of Dust

  • Recollection 2007
  • Live from The Oregon Trail 2016
  • Found Sound- Live 2011
  • The Honest Hour 2004
  • Sun Shot 2013
  • Some Assembly Required 2009

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