ⓘ Kulayan Natin

Kulayan Natin

ⓘ Kulayan Natin

Two years after releasing their debut EP, Munimuni finally released their debut album.

Its title comes from the last song of the album, "Kulayan Natin".

Imagine a scene in a movie where the only colors present are black and white, with two people walking on a road and together" paint” the surroundings.


1. Singles

The first single of the album, "Tahanan" was released in March 2018. The song is about someone assuring a person experiencing difficulties that he will stay no matter what life brings. Owen, the writer of the song, shared in an interview, "That’s nice, because that’s the goal of the song, to release all your tears. So if there are tears still left inside, you should let it out. Crying on that first line is okay because it means the tears will soon run out."

The second single of the album, "Oras" was released in August 2018.

The third single of the album, "Kalachuchi" was released in December 2018. The inspiration behind the song was during his days at UP, TJ was walking with a" special person” inside the university premises sometime in May years ago, talking about the latters problem, when that person saw Kalachuci flowers blossoming inside the UP grounds.


2. Personnel


  • TJ de Ocampo – lead guitar
  • Jolo Ferrer – bass
  • Josh Tumaliuan – drums
  • Adj Jiao – lead vocals, guitar
  • John Owen Castro – flute, backing vocals

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