ⓘ Snow White (album)

Snow White (album)

ⓘ Snow White (album)

Snow White is the fifth studio album by Australian rock band, Magic Dirt. It was released in September 2005 and peaked at number 24 on the ARIA Charts. The album saw the return of some of the bands noisier elements fused with their hooky and polished songwriting.

The album is said to incorporate a range of sounds from 19th century choral symphonies to 20th century film soundtracks to the latest albums by Bjork, Nick Cave and theredsunband.

At the ARIA Music Awards of 2006 Lindsay Gravina and Magic Dirt were nominated for ARIA Award for Producer of the Year for their work on this album.


1. Release and reception

The Age said "The beautiful cover art immediately sets a contradictory tone by featuring red roses, and the songs include smatterings of country, doo-wop and girly pop alongside their more typical hard-edged sounds. Its easily their most diverse and accessible album yet."


2. Track listing

All songs written by Magic Dirt.

  • "Feels Like a Demon" - 3:19
  • "Envious" - 3:43
  • "Mothers Latest Fear" - 5:48
  • "Sleep" - 4:19
  • "I Love the Rain" - 3:55
  • "Tiger Eyes" - 4:56
  • "Grab Your Hair" - 4:42
  • "Dyin" - 4:16
  • "Locket" - 3:03
  • "Snow White" - 3:57

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