ⓘ Vino de calidad


ⓘ Vino de calidad

Vino de Calidad con indicacion geografica, is classification for Spanish wine. The category was formed in 2003 along with Vino de Pago. The VC category is used for wines that do not fully meet the stringent standards of the DO category, but are above the standards of the Indicacion Geografica Protegida category. As of 2019, there were 7 VCs.

The category of VC is within the denominacion de origen protegida DOP protected denomination of origin category, the mainstay of Spains wine quality control system. As of 2019 there were 96 DOPs that are subdivided into DOCa Denominacion de origen Calificada, DO Denominacion de origen, Vino de Pago VP, and VC. The sub-categories can be called DOP, or they can use the traditional terms of DOCa, DO, VP, and VC.

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