ⓘ DragCon


ⓘ DragCon

DragCon is a drag exposition or fan convention:

It could refer to:

  • RuPauls DragCon NYC, started in 2017
  • Austin International Drag Festival’s Kingfest, a drag king convention
  • King Con in Ohio, a drag king convention
  • DragCon South Africa, DragCon SA, a company presenting drag queen shows including touring Drag Race performers
  • DragWorld, a London, England convention
  • RuPauls DragCon UK, starting in 2020
  • Digital DragCon, held online in 2020 in lieu of the LA one canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic
  • RuPauls DragCon LA, the first expo started in 2015

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