ⓘ Magic carpet (disambiguation)


ⓘ Magic carpet (disambiguation)

  • "Magic Carpet" song, 1963 song by English performer Billy J. Kramer
  • The Magic Carpet, 1930s pulp magazine originally called Oriental Stories
  • Magic Carpet Aladdin, silent character featured in 1992 Disney film Aladdin and its franchise
  • IMAX Magic Carpet, large format film system in 1990
  • The Magic Carpet film, a 1951 American adventure film
  • Magic Carpet band, English psychedelic folk band during 1970s
  • Early form of "Extreme Gear" type of racing vehicle, in 2006 video game Sonic Riders
  • Magic Carpet video game, 1994 first person shooter game from Bullfrog Productions

1. Military operations

  • Operation Magic Carpet Yemen, joint effort by UK and U.S. to airlift Yemeni Jews to Israel 1949–50
  • Magic Carpet, slang term for Malta convoy supply runs from Alexandria to Malta by British submarines during the Siege of Malta during World War II
  • Operation Magic Carpet, post-World War II U.S. Navy military operation

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