ⓘ John Rice

John Rice

ⓘ John Rice

  • John Blake Rice 1809–1874, mayor of Chicago, Illinois, 1865–1869, and later a U.S. Representative
  • John Joe Rice died 1970, Irish Sinn Fein politician
  • John Rice deputy, member of House of Commons of the North Carolina General Assembly of 1777 for Wake County
  • John Rice alderman c. 1968–2015, Chicago alderman
  • John Rice fl.1601, Member of Parliament MP for Wootton Bassett
  • John B. Rice 1832–1893, U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • John A. Rice Wisconsin 1832–?, politician from Wisconsin
  • John S. Rice 1899–1985, politician from Pennsylvania
  • John H. Rice 1816–1911, U.S. Representative from Maine
  • John T. Rice 1839–1925, politician from Wisconsin
  • John Campbell Rice 1864-1937, associate justice of the Idaho Supreme Court
  • John McConnell Rice 1831–1895, United States Representative for Kentucky

1. Actors

  • John Rice, actor for the Kings Men playing company, 1607–25
  • John Rice died 1887, a blackface minstrel
  • John C. Rice 1857–1915, Broadway stage actor
  • Jack Rice 1893–1968, American actor

2. Sports

  • John Rice umpire 1918–2011, American League umpire, 1955–1973
  • John Rice cricketer born 1949, English cricketer, played for Hampshire County Cricket Club
  • John H. Rice American football, American football coach, college administrator, and professor

3. Others

  • John Raymond Rice 1914–1950, U.S. Army soldier killed in South Korea, known for the circumstances surrounding his burial
  • John R. Rice, inventor of the Angel paintball gun
  • John R. Rice 1895–1980, evangelist, founder of The Sword of the Lord
  • John R. Rice computer scientist born 1934, computer scientist and mathematician
  • John Rice banker c. 1832–?, president of Georgia National Bank in late 1860s
  • John Hodgen Rice 1870-1940, US Army General
  • John M. Rice chess composer born 1937, former president of Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions
  • John Andrew Rice 1888–1968, founder of the Black Mountain College
  • John G. Rice, vice chairman of General Electric, and president and CEO of GE Infrastructure
  • John A. Rice musicologist, American musicologist and Mozart scholar
  • John Rice director, screenwriter and director of The Happy Elf
  • John Rice 1951–2005, one of the identical twin dwarf Rice brothers

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