ⓘ Elizabeth Baker (disambiguation)


ⓘ Elizabeth Baker (disambiguation)

Elizabeth Baker was an English playwright.

Elizabeth Baker may also refer to:

  • Elizabeth Baker diarist c. 1720 – c. 1797, English secretary, diarist, and amateur geologist
  • Elizabeth Baker runner from Americas Finest City Half Marathon
  • Elizabeth Anstice Baker 1849–1914, Australian intellectual and social activist, see John Baker
  • Elizabeth Baker economist 1885–1973, American economist and academic
  • Elizabeth Gowdy Baker 1860–1927, American portrait painter
  • Betsy Baker born 1955, American actress
  • Betsy Baker supercentenarian 1842–1955, first listed supercentenarian in the Guinness Book of Records
  • Elizabeth Baker actress, actress in the film The Vision
  • E. D. Baker, American childrens novelist

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