ⓘ Charm


ⓘ Charm

  • Superficial charm, the tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick and verbally facile
  • Charisma, a person or things pronounced ability to attract others

1. Science and technology

  • Neoregelia Charm, a hybrid cultivar flowering plant
  • Charm quantum number, the difference between the number of charm quarks and charm antiquarks in a particle
  • Charm quark, a type of elementary particle


  • Charm++, a parallel programming language based on C++
  • Charms, part of the Windows shell user interface in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Charm programming language, devised in the 1990s, similar to RTL/2, Pascal and C

2. Business

  • Motorola Charm, a smartphone
  • The Charm Company, manufacturer of Charms Blow Pops candy; acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries
  • Charm finance, in quantitative finance, a second order derivative of an option pricing function versus the underlying spot price and time
  • Charms, a brand of cigarette manufactured by VST Industries
  • BlackBerry Charm, a mobile phone

3. Arts and entertainment


  • The Charm, poetry collection by Kathy Fagan
  • The Charm play, a play by Christopher R. Shimmin
  • The Charm, play by Walter Besant 1896
  • The Charm, poetry collection by Robert Creeley 1969


  • The Charms, an American garage rock band
  • Otis Williams and the Charms, an American doo-wop group


  • The Charm, by American rapper Bubba Sparxxx
  • Charm album, by American producer and rapper Danny!
  • The Charm T. S. Monk album, 1995


  • "Charms" song, a 1963 song by Bobby Vee
  • "Charm", a song by Tony Banks from the album The Fugitive 1983
  • "Charm", a song by Virginia Astley 1987
  • "Charm", a song by Wild Colonials from the album This Cant Be Life
  • "Charms", a song from the 1996 album The Philosopher Kings by Canadian band The Philosopher Kings
  • "Charm", a song by Positive Noise 1981


4. People

  • Charm Tong born 1981, teacher and human rights activist from Shan State, Burma
  • Daniel Charms, a pseudonym of Russian poet, writer and dramatist Daniil Kharms 1905–1942

5. Other uses

  • Baltimore Charm, a franchise in the Legends Football League formerly the Lingerie Football League
  • Charm, Ohio, an unincorporated community in the US
  • L30, Challenger armament CHARM project to provide a new main armament for the British Challenger 2 tank

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