ⓘ Hitching post

Hitching post

ⓘ Hitching post

A hitching post is a post to which a horse may be tethered to prevent it from straying. The term can also refer to:

  • The Hitching Post, a pub in Ballycogley
  • The Hitching Post, a student publication of Marlboro High School
  • Hitching Post Plaza in Perinton, New York
  • The Hitching Post, a steakhouse restaurant
  • The "hitching post", a contentious punishment in the case of Hope v. Pelzer
  • Hitching Post Hill Hyattsville, Maryland, a historic building in Hyattsville, Prince Georges County, Maryland
  • The Hitching Post, a student publication of Wilson High School Los Angeles, California
  • Hitchin Posts, a lost 1920 drama film directed by John Ford

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