ⓘ Zal (disambiguation)

Zal (disambiguation)

ⓘ Zal (disambiguation)

  • Zal Yanovsky, Canadian rock musician
  • Ari zal - nickname of Isaac Luria, "The Divine Rabbi Yitzhak"
  • Zal Batmanglij, American filmmaker
  • Roxana Zal, American actress
  • Zal Cleminson, Scottish guitarist
  • Zal Khalilzad, former US Ambassador to the UN

1. Places

  • Zal, Iran, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Qalay-I-Zal District, in Afghanistan
  • Pichoy Airport, Valdivia, Chile
  • Iksal, Zal was older name for Iksal

2. Other uses

  • Iranian frigate Alborz once named after him
  • Zāl, legendary Persian warrior
  • Philautus zal, species of frog in Sri Lanka
  • ZAL was the ISO 4217 currency code for the Financial rand
  • Yeshivah Gedolah Zal, The Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand

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