ⓘ Snapshot


ⓘ Snapshot

  • Snapshot computer storage, the state of a system at a particular point in time
  • Snapshot file format or SNP, a file format for reports from Microsoft Access

1. Music

  • "SnapShot", a 2018 K-pop song by In2It
  • "Snap Shot", a 1981 song by Slave
  • "Snapshot" Sylvia song, a 1983 song by American country singer Sylvia
  • "Snapshot" song, a 1996 song by American drag performer RuPaul


  • Snapshot The Strypes album, a 2013 album by Irish band The Strypes
  • Snapshot Roger Glover album, a 2005 album by English musician Roger Glover
  • Snapshots Kim Wilde album, a 2011 covers album by Kim Wilde
  • Snapshot Daryl Braithwaite album, a 2005 album by Australian musician Daryl Braithwaite
  • Snapshot Mission of Burma album, a 2004 live album by American band Mission of Burma
  • Snapshot Sylvia album, a 1983 album by American country music singer Sylvia
  • Snapshot, a 2000 album by Canadian band Knacker
  • Snapshots Eleanor McEvoy album, a 1999 album by Eleanor McEvoy

2. Other uses

  • Snapshots TV series, a 2016 Canadian reality program for children
  • SNAPSHOT or SNAP-10A, a 1965 American nuclear-powered satellite
  • Snapshot board game, a 1979 board wargame published by Game Designers Workshop
  • Snap shot ice hockey, a fast shot made by snapping the wrists
  • Snapshot video game, a 2012 platform indie game
  • Snapshot, a 2005 novel by Garry Disher

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