ⓘ Hippo (disambiguation)


ⓘ Hippo (disambiguation)

A hippo or hippopotamus is either of two species of large African mammal which live mainly in and near water:

  • Pygmy hippopotamus
  • Hippopotamus

Hippo may also refer to:


1. Given names

  • Hippo, one of the Leuctrides
  • Hippo Greek woman, a Greek woman mentioned by Valerius Maximus as an example of chastity
  • Hippo philosopher, a Presocratic Greek philosopher
  • Hippo, one of the mythical Amazons
  • Hippo, one of the mythical Oceanids
  • Hippo, one of the daughters of the mythical Thespius

2. Other

  • Hippo Family Club, a multilingual club originated from Japan
  • Hippo APC, a South African armoured personnel carrier
  • Hippo Hpo, a protein kinase involved in the Hippo signaling pathway

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