ⓘ Country Doctor


ⓘ Country Doctor

A country doctor is a physician who works with a rural health focus, out in the country. In many regions the town-and-country distinction no longer corresponds to large differences in practice patterns.

Country Doctor as the title of a work may refer to:


1. Fiction

  • A Country Doctor short story collection, a 1919 collection of short stories by Franz Kafka
  • A Country Doctor novel, an 1884 novel by Sarah Orne Jewett
  • "A Country Doctor" short story, a 1919 short story by Franz Kafka
  • Le Medecin de campagne English: The Country Doctor, an 1833 novel by Honore de Balzac

2. Film

  • The Country Doctor 1909 film, a film directed by D.W. Griffith
  • A Country Doctor film, a 2007 animated film directed by Koji Yamamura, based on the Kafka story
  • The Country Doctor 1927 film, directed by Rupert Julian
  • The Country Doctor, the English title of the 2016 French film Irreplaceable
  • The Country Doctor 1936 film, directed by Henry King

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