ⓘ Lord Valentines Castle

Lord Valentines Castle

ⓘ Lord Valentines Castle

Lord Valentines Castle is a novel that details the saga of a hero who reestablishes a legitimate government and saves the planet Majipoor from tyranny.


1. Reception

Kirkus Reviews states "In terms of sf underpinnings, Majipoor is an inexcusably flimsy construct; and a large cast of promising characters is left rattling around the lengthy and plodding narrative in such a meagerly developed state as to resembled blighted peas in a pod. Disappointing."

Greg Costikyan reviewed Lord Valentines Castle in Ares Magazine #4 and commented that "despite the detail, despite the novels dreamy pace, Silverberg never loses his reader, is never boring. To the contrary, Lord Valentines Castle is, in the demeaning argot of Madison Avenue, a page-turner."

Lord Valentines Castle won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1981, and was a Hugo Award nominee in 1981.

Douglas Cohen for said that "The story isn’t a puzzle, challenging readers to figure out whether this tale is science fiction or fantasy. It is science fantasy. It is a successful melding of both genres, as it borrows, tweaks, merges, and in some cases entirely reinvents. Books like Lord Valentine’s Castle seek to take the best of both genres and merge them into a seamless tale. Containing scientific and fantastical elements is both acceptable and expected."


2. Reviews

  • Review by Melissa Mia Hall 1980 in Fantasy Newsletter, No. 25 June 1980
  • Review by Tom Staicar 1980 in Amazing Stories, August 1980
  • Review by Doug Fratz 1980 in Thrust, #15, Summer 1980
  • Review by Algis Budrys 1980 in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1980
  • Review by Baird Searles 1980 in Isaac Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine, July 1980
  • Review by Joseph Nicholas 1980 in Vector 99

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