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Swallowtail may refer to: Swallowtail film, 1996 film directed by Shunji Iwai Swallowtail joint in woodworking, see Dovetail joint The Swallows Tail, a painting by Salvador Dali, inspired by the swallowtail catastrophe Swallowtail butterfly, larg ...


I Am Waiting

I Am Waiting may refer to: "I Am Waiting", song by Mihailo Zivanovic "I Am Waiting", song by jazz pianist Stanley Cowell Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Five, recorded in 1990 I Am Waiting film 俺は待ってるぜ Ore wa matteru ze, 1957 Japanese ...


Rengō Kantai (disambiguation)

The Japanese term Rengō Kantai may refer to: Rengō Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku 1968 film, a 1968 Japanese film about Isoroku Yamamoto, directed and written by Seiji Maruyama; Rengō Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku 2011 film, a 20 ...


Kantō Exile

Kantō Exile is a 1971 Japanese yakuza film directed by Keiichi Ozawa. The revenge story of a man living in the world of a yakuza who was betrayed by his uncle and his brother.


Picking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces, a 1998 UK TV drama serial starring Amanda Abbington Picking Up the Pieces film, a 2000 film directed by Alfonso Arau and starring Woody Allen Picking Up the Pieces, a 1985 television movie starring Margot Kidder


Cielito Lindo (disambiguation)

Cielito Lindo is a Spanish Mexican song written by Quirino Mendoza y Cortes. Cielito Lindo may also refer to: Cielito Lindo Airstrip, a public-use dirt airstrip located South of San Quintin, Municipality of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico ¡Ciel ...


One Day, Isang Araw

One Day, Isang Araw is a 1988 Filipino action comedy film directed by Pablo Santiago and starring Fernando Poe Jr. and child actress Matet de Leon. Produced by Regal Films, the film was released on August 18, 1988, and was a box-office success. I ...


Josie & Jack

Josie & Jack is a 2019 American drama film directed by Sarah Lancaster and starring Olivia DeJonge and Alex Neustaedter. It is based on Kelly Braffets 2005 novel of the same name. It is also Lancasters directorial debut.


All That Matters

"All That Matters" Louise song, 1998 "All That Matters" Cliff Richard song, 1997 All That Matters Portrait album, 1995 "All That Matters" Justin Bieber song, 2013 "All That Matters The Beautiful Life", a 2012 song by Kesha "All That Matters" ABC ...


Lake Constance (disambiguation)

Lake Constance or Constance Lake is a major European lake between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It may also refer to: Constance Lake 92, one of the reserves of the Constance Lake First Nation Constance Lake First Nation, an Oji-Cree First Na ...


Armavir (film)

The ship crashes. Marina is wanted by her husband and father, who hate each other and find her as a result of long searches, but she does not recognize them.


A Dog walked along the Piano

The film tells about a girl named Tanya, who lives in a village in which she does not see anything romantic. Suddenly she decided to change something and begins to make plans first about the pilot Komarov, then with Misha, who lives opposite, and ...


The Evening Labyrinth

The film tells about a creative team that decides to open an attraction in one of the regional cities and sends a few employees there to find out how best to do it. Arriving there, they settle in a hotel and face a lot of problems.


Good Luck, Gentlemen

Oleg goes to St. Petersburg with the hope of getting a good job and housing, but instead finds refuge in a forest in which former army captains majors live in tanks and his friend is engaged in private business. And suddenly they meet in provinci ...


The Prince and the Pauper (1972 film)

The young thief Tomi wants to thank the man who paid the ransom for him to the bandits and for this goes to the palace. On the way, he meets Prince Edward, who looks just like him, and they decide to swap roles.


Leader (1984 film)

The film tells about a closed boy who came to study in a new class. He wants to decipher the mysterious letters of the disappeared Toltec tribe and is confronted with a misunderstanding of those around him.


Why Wouldnt We Send a Messenger?

The film tells about a devastated farmer who travels to the capital to the president to find out the truth. On the way, he manages to save the businessman, help the loving soldier and the elderly.


The Last Road

The film tells about the last days of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The film tries to answer the questions: Who is to blame for the death of Pushkin and for what did he fight in a duel?


A Trip to Wiesbaden

Dmitry Sanin goes to Frankfurt, where he meets the daughter of a coffee house owner named Gemma, whom she falls in love with. This feeling is mutual and they decide to start a family. For this, Sanin sells his small estate to the wife of his frie ...



The film tells about a girl who grew up in an orphanage, not knowing her own mother. And suddenly she receives an old letter that her mother wrote many years ago, and she decides to go to Moscow to meet her mother.


The Love of Mankind

The film is about an architect who is passionate about his work and who has not experienced a feeling of love for 35 years of his life. And so he falls in love and begins to live with a woman. And he begins to understand that love brings not only ...


Ritas Last Fairy Tale

The film tells three different women, one of whom the feeling of love is unknown, but she does not lose hope of finding her, despite the fact that unsuccessful dates almost killed her. The second is getting ready for the wedding after a planned m ...


Solo (1980 film)

The film takes place in the besieged Leningrad in the winter of 1942. The film tells about the soloist of the symphony orchestra, which is preparing for a concert to be held at the Leningrad Philharmonic and broadcast in London.


Turn of the century (disambiguation)

Turn of the century refers to the change from one century to the next. Turn of the Century may also refer to: Act 1 - Turn of the Century in the Carousel of Progress The Turn of the Century, a 2001 Russian drama film directed by Konstantin Lopush ...


A Time to Gather Stones

The film takes place in post-war Russia. German lieutenant Onesorg wants to atone for his guilt. Captain Demin lost his family and health and, due to circumstances, was forced to cooperate with the German.


A Little Doll

The film tells about a young gymnast who is seriously injured, as a result of which she decides to leave the sport. But it’s very difficult for her to come to terms with the idea that she is now just like everyone else.


A Man at His Place

Semyon Bobrov goes to work at the plant and works there for three years, after which he returns to his native village, where he offers his candidacy for the post of chairman of the collective farm.


What Men Still Talk About

The characters spend almost the whole New Years Day talking about women, about how difficult it is to communicate with those who are 20 years younger than you, how to quit your mistress correctly and how to prevent typical grammatical mistakes.


Over the Dark Water

The film takes place in Leningrad in the 60s. The film tells about a beautiful girl from the province who meets three friends, each of whom invited her to marry him.


Humiliated and Insulted (film)

The film tells about two families ravaged by the aristocrat Prince Valkovsky. The film shows the relationship of Natasha Ikhmeneva and son of Valkovsky, tells about the fate of the young writer Ivan Petrovich, in love with Natasha, as well as an ...


Nastya (film)

The film tells about a modest and not very beautiful stationery saleswoman who sincerely dreams of happiness and suddenly miraculously turns into a real beauty.


Call Me from Afar

The film is about a young woman, Grusha Veselova, who was abandoned by her husband because she was stopping him from drinking, and now she is raising her son alone. But she has an older brother who decides to help her and introduces her to her fr ...


The Drayman and the King

The film takes place in the legendary Moldavanka. The film tells the story of the attractive bandit Benya Krik named King, the son of a binder, who leaves the family for the beautiful Marusa.


Gods Smile or The Odessa Story

The film tells about the rich old Odessa citizen Philip Olshansky, who is preparing for death and preparing a will. To help him, his grandson Allen goes to Odessa, where he will find a lot of adventures.


The Wife Has Left

The film tells about the Soviet family. The husband thought their life was perfect. His wife, in turn, was satisfied with his earnings. They had a baby. But the wife was unhappy and decided to leave.


The Key That Should Not Be Handed On

Kirill Alekseevich after serving in the army became a school director. It is very difficult for him to get used to the hustle and bustle of school life and get along with children and colleagues.


Woodpeckers Dont Get Headaches

The film tells about a nondescript and persistent guy who was called the Fly. He could stand on his head in the porch and he was in love with a girl with black pigtails.


A Soldier Came Back from the Front

The film tells about the soldier Nikolay, who returns from the front and learns that his wife is no longer alive. But, despite this, he continues to live and work on.


Car, Violin and Blot the Dog

Two friends jack of all trades and violinist love one girl. She reciprocates both of them, and her brother Kuzya wants to get a lot of cats and make them a monkey.


Attention, Turtle!

Two schoolchildren decide to conduct an experiment on a turtle. They want to put it under the tank. But their classmate named Tanya will do everything possible to prevent them.


Start All Over Again (film)

The film tells about the bard Nikolai Kovalev, who, despite his popularity among young people, is not recognized by music officials. But everything changes from an unexpected meeting.


Sincerely Yours.

The film tells about a young employee of the observatory, who is looking for a new lens and dedicated his life to this. Only earthly love can stop him.


Duck Village. A Tale.

The film tells about a girl named Olya, who spends her holidays with her grandmother and learns from her that a brownie lives in their house. Believing this, she saw him and spent all his holidays with him.


Life on Holidays

The film takes place in the autumn in the south of Crimea. The boarding house brought together people who are forced to entertain themselves. Among them were Nadezhda Andreyevna and Aleksey Sergeyevich, who fell in love with each other.


The Return of the Battleship

The film tells about a man who does a lot of funny things, for example, marries a prostitute to re-educate her, challenges the criminal world and faces the famous Sergei Eisenstein.


New Babylon

New Babylon may refer to: New Babylon, The Hague centre in The Hague Neo-Babylonian Empire 626 BC–539 BC, a period of Mesopotamian history that is also known as the Chaldean Dynasty The New Babylon, a 1929 film written and directed by Grigori Koz ...


Marigolds in Flower

The film tells about the "new Russians" who want to buy a cottage and find themselves in the house of a dead writer, whose family members meet the main characters in different ways.


A Strange Woman

The film tells about a 33-year-old woman named Yevgeniya, who dreams of strong feelings and leaves Moscow for the province to her mother. There she gets a job and helps people. Suddenly a young man appears and falls in love with her. At first it ...


The Last Victim (film)

Mikhail Gluzskiy as Flor Fedulych Oleg Strizhenov as Vadim Dulchin Lionella Pyryeva as Kruglaya as L. Pryryeva Leonid Kuravlyov as Lavr Mironych Pribytkov as L. Kuravlyov Margarita Volodina as Yuliya Pavlovna Tugina Mariya Vinogradova as Mikheyev ...


Life Is Full of Fun

The film takes place in a city near Moscow in a large communal apartment in which several families live, each of which has its own interests, troubles and joys, but their fates are associated with terrifying events taking place in the country.