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Alexandra Park railway station

Alexandra Park railway station may refer to: Muswell Hill railway station in North London, originally named Alexandra Park Muswell Hill and renamed on 1 May 1875 Alexandra Parade railway station in Glasgow, originally named Alexandra Park and ren ...


1871 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1871 include Asian ostrich, Pere Davids snowfinch, Biak lorikeet, Hendersons ground jay, Forest wood hoopoe, Numfor paradise kingfisher, Spot-breasted parrotbill


1873 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1873 include the white-browed tit-warbler, Bartletts tinamou, Von Schrencks bittern, Raggiana bird-of-paradise, spangled coquette, Sangihe hanging parrot and the white-crowned penduline tit.


John Betts (surgeon and philanthropist)

John Betts was born in 1799 and studied medicine from 1815 to 1821 at Marylebone Infirmary, becoming a Qualified Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries. By 1834 he was recorded as a surgeon, residing at 3, Grove Place, West London. This is now ...


1876 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1876 include the tooth-billed bowerbird, Heuglins gull, Chinese white-browed rosefinch, Sclaters crowned pigeon, Pohnpei flycatcher, mountain myzomela, streak-headed honeyeater and Maxwells black weaver.


Mabel Young (Barque)

Mabel Young was An iron barque built in 1877 by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, as Yard No. 215. Dimensions: 2110"×336"×2045 and tonnage: 1046 GRT, 1015 NRT. Rigged with royals, over single topgallant and double topsails. 1877 November 21 Laun ...


William Holms (rugby union)

He was capped 6 times for Scotland between 1886 and 1889.


1889 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1889 include blue-moustached bee-eater, Colima warbler, crowned hornbill, Esmeraldas woodstar, giant sunbird, fernwren, grey-crowned woodpecker, Hunters sunbird, mountain greenbul, Reischeks parakeet, Woodfords rail.


London Natural History Society

The London Natural History Society is a local natural history society within the UK concerned with recording the wildlife of London, covering a circular area covering a 20-mile radius from St. Pauls Cathedral. The society aims include to foster t ...


1894 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1894 include Junin grebe, Ecuadorian rail, Kenricks starling, helmeted myna, leaf lorikeet, Lorias satinbird, red-throated wood rail, mountain honeyeater, streaked berrypecker, Luzon sunbird


Herbert de Reuter

August Julius Clemens Herbert Reuter, 2nd Baron de Reuter was a British business man in London who spent most of his adult life working for his fathers news agency, Reuters, of which he was general manager for 47 years, from 1878 until his death. ...


Weir Greenlees

Weir Loudon Greenlees was an English first-class cricketer, distiller and soldier. The son of Samuel Greenlees, he was born in December 1882 at Islington. He was educated at Harrow School, before going up to Magdalen College, Oxford. While studyi ...



Wimbledon usually refers to: The Championships, Wimbledon, a lawn tennis tournament, one of the four Grand Slam championships Wimbledon, London, a district of southwest London Wimbledon may also refer to:


Adrien Marx

Napoleon Adrien Marx, generally known as Adrien Marx, was a French journalist, playwright, and writer. He wrote for the newspaper Le Figaro. In particular, under the pseudonym Jean de Paris, he wrote a daily column called "Un conseil par jour, gu ...


Josette Hebert-Coeffin

Hebert-Coeffin was born on 16 December 1906 in Rouen, France. She studied at the Ecole superieure dart et design Le Havre-Rouen, where she won a first prize in sculpture and architecture in 1922. She went on to study under Robert Wlerick and Char ...


Charles Daniel dArrac de Vignes

Charles Daniel dArrac de Vignes was a French Navy officer. He fought in the War of American Independence, and taking part in the French operations in the Indian Ocean under Suffren.


Charles-Marie de La Grandiere

Charles-Marie de La Grandiere was a French Navy officer. He served in the War of American Independence.


Alexandre Etard

Alexandre Leon Etard was a French chemist. He was born on 6 January 1852 in Alençon, and died on 1 May 1910 in Paris. Etard was a preparer at the Wurtz Laboratory at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, and became a member of the Societe de Chimie I ...


Jean Antoine Le Begue de Germiny

Jean Antoine Le Begue de Germiny was a French Navy officer. He served in the War of American Independence.


Jean-Marie de Villeneuve Cillart

Cillart was born in an aristocratic family. His father was captain in a dragoon unit, and two of his brothers, Etienne-François de Cillart de Villeneuve and Armand-François Cillart de Suville, also served in the Navy. Cillart joined the Navy as a ...


Pierre-Joseph de Castellan

Castellan joined the Navy on 10 April 1748 as a Garde-Marine. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 15 January 1762, and to Captain on 13 May 1779. He commanded the 80-gun Auguste at the Battle of the Chesapeake on 5 September 1781, and at the Battle ...


French ship Eveille (1773)

Eveille was commissioned under Captain du Maitz de Goimpy in 1777. In 1778, she was part of Orvilliers squadron, under Captain du Botderu, and Lieutenant de Gouzillon as first officer. On 2 May 1780, in the midst of the Anglo-French War, Eveille ...


Bernard-Manuel Lusignan

Bernard-Manuel Lusignan was a French Navy officer. He fought in the War of American Independence, and taking part in the French operations in the Indian Ocean under Suffren.


Louis-Andre-Joseph de Lombard

Lombard was born to the family of a Council of the Parliament of Bordeaux. He joined the Navy as a Garde-Marine on 17 September 1751. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 1 October 1764. In 1770, he took command of the 14-gun fluyt Barbue, at Rochefo ...


Chevalier de Clavieres (French Navy officer)

Chevalier de Clavieres was a French Navy officer. He fought in the War of American Independence, and taking part in the French operations in the Indian Ocean under Suffren.


Armand-François Cillart de Suville

Armand-François Marie Cillart de Suville was a French Navy officer. He served in the War of American Independence.


Claude-François Renart dAmblimont

Claude-Marguerite Renart de Fuchsamberg dAmblimont was a French Navy officer. He served in the War of American Independence.


Le Peletier

Louis-Michel le Peletier, marquis de Saint-Fargeau 1760–1793, French politician Amedee Louis Michel le Peletier, comte de Saint-Fargeau 1770–1845, French entomologist Edmond Lepelletier 1846–1913, French journalist, poet and politician


Ramsey Wallace

Ramsey Wallace was an actor in silent films. His work included leading roles. He starred in A Voice in the Dark. He received a favorable review for his leading role in The Call of Home. He worked as a promoter after his film career and died of a ...


Paris Exposition

Paris Exposition or Paris Exhibition can refer to Paris Colonial Exposition, the Paris Exposition of 1931 Exposition Universelle 1889, the Paris Exposition of 1889 Exposition Universelle 1867, the Paris Exposition of 1867 Exposition des produits ...


Atelier Lacouriere-Frelaut

The Atelier Lacouriere-Frelaut was print publisher in Paris. In the 1930s the Atelier produced prints for Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. It was founded by Roger Lacouriere 1892-1966 in 1929. The establishment was taken over by Jacques Frelaut w ...


Cafe de Paris (Monaco)

Cafe de Paris is a coffeehouse and restaurant in the Belle Epoque style of the 1900s, located in Monte Carlo and next to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, on the Place du Casino, facing the Hotel de Paris.


Robert Genestal

Robert Genestal was a French historian of canon law and French law who taught first at the Faculty of Law of the University of Caen and later at the Faculty of Law of the University of Paris. He was director of studies for the history of canon la ...


The Mysteries of Paris (disambiguation)

The Mysteries of Paris may refer to: The Mysteries of Paris, a novel by the writer Eugene Sue The Mysteries of Paris 1957 film, a French-Italian film directed by Fernando Cerchio The Mysteries of Paris 1922 film, a French silent film directed by ...


Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris London, a London nightclub Gran Cafe de Paris Seville Cafe de Paris Monaco Cafe de Paris Cubzac-les-Ponts Cafe de Paris restaurant, Geneva Cafe de Paris Rome, a bar in Rome, Italy


Georges Buisson

George Louis Hubert Buisson was a French trade union leader and Resistance activist. Born in Evreux, Buisson worked in a shop there, then moved to Rouen and in 1898 to Paris, where he worked in a haberdashery. He joined the Federation of Employee ...


Jean Courteaux

Jean Courteaux was a French footballer who played as a striker. He was born in Dammartin-sur-Tigeaux and was best known for his three years at Nice, where he was an important part of two title-wining teams.


Romain Goupil

Romain-Pierre Charpentier known professionally as Romain Goupil, is a French filmmaker. He was a college leader during the May 1968 civil unrest in France and was for a long time a trotskyist militant. During the 2000s decade he aligned with the ...


Maurice Dayan

Dayan was the son of a postman. At the age of 14, he bought books by Rene Descartes, Baruch Spinoza, Immanuel Kant, Louis Lavelle, and Jean-Paul Sartre. He attended Lycee Turgot in Paris, and won 1st prize in philosophy at the Concours general in ...


Loïc Hennekinne

Hennekinne studied at Sciences Po and the Ecole nationale dadministration in Paris. He was arrested in 1962 for attending a meeting of Patrie en Progres. He was an advisor to French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas from 1988 to 1989, then a diplomat ...


Veronique Buat

Veronique Buat is a French astrophysicist and academic at the University of Provence. Her research interests include galaxy formation and evolution, star formation, infrared astronomy, and ultraviolet astronomy.


Jeanne Baudot

Jeanne Baudots father, Emile, was doctor to French artist Auguste Renoirs relatives when they lived in Louveciennes. In 1893, she met Auguste Renoir through her cousin Paul Gallimard, an art collector. "She was sixteen years old, was the daughter ...


A Nest of Gentry (film)

Fyodor Ivanovich Lavretsky returns to his estate after 11 years in Paris, in which his wife remained. Frustrated by life, deceived by his wife who had cheated on him, exhausted by a long separation from Russia this is how the hero looks at the be ...


1977–78 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season

The 1977–78 season was Paris Saint-Germain Football Clubs 8th season in existence and 5th season in Division 1, the top tier of French football. The club also competed in the Coupe de France. PSG played its home matches at Parc des Princes in Par ...


Sorbonne Law School

Sorbonne Law School or Paris Law School may refer to: Paris Law Faculty c. 1150-1970, the historical Law School or faculty of law of the University of Paris nicknamed "Sorbonne". Ecole de droit de Paris 2011-today, the official name for a graduat ...


Sorbonne (disambiguation)

University of Paris II Pantheon-Assas, also known as Sorbonne-Assas, established 1971 Sorbonne University, established 2018 following the merge of Paris-Sorbonne University, Pierre et Marie Curie University, along with smaller institutions. Sorbo ...


Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is a British former professional tennis player. Cooper made her Wimbledon main draw debut in 1969 and played there every year up to 1973, twice reaching the third round. At the 1970 French Open she was beaten in the second round by Bi ...


Hubert Yencesse

Hubert Yencesse was born in Paris on April 28, 1900, and died in Dijon, Paris on October 4, 1987. He was a known French sculptor. He secured 3rd place in the Art Olympics of the year 1948 for his sculpture Swimmer. His first exhibition was in the ...


1977 Island Holidays Classic

The 1977 Island Holidays Classic, also known as the Hawaii Open, was a mens tennis tournament played an outdoor hard courts in Maui, Hawaii, in the United States that was part of the 1977 Colgate-Palmolive Grand Prix circuit and categorized as 3 ...


Guillaume Brac

Guillaume Brac is a French film director from Paris. He has directed films such as Tonnerre, July Tales, Treasure Island, and À Labordage.